Extended Reality Innovation Lab

With a growing demand for VR/AR applications, Nimbus researchers and Industry partners can creatively explore, design, develop and test the latest advancements in VR/AR technologies within our Extended Reality Innovation Lab


Our Extended Reality Innovation lab (XRIL) consists of the latest Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies to support and grow our innovation capacity and service the needs of Industry. The XRIL is a dedicated, adaptable and immersive environment, covering a range of applications such as: learning, simulation training, measuring operational effectiveness, equipment & facilities maintenance, and safety monitoring, to name just a few.

Nimbus takes a collaborative and co-creative approach with industry clients and research partners. creatively exploring, designing, developing, and testing the latest advancements in Extended Reality.

Immersive Extended Reality experiences can be custom designed, developed, and built by our multidisciplinary team (VR/AR/MR developers, UX researchers, multimedia designers, software developers, systems integrators) based upon requirements.

Key Benefits


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Case Study

"The Mixed Reality Digital Twin project we worked with Nimbus on became a long sought-after reality for SCRI-IS Technologies as we have been wanting to bring this technology into the biopharma industry for a number of years. Kevin, Andrew, Robert and Manuel were all fantastic to work with. They provided us with extensive information on how we could achieve our goals, and how each member of the team were going to deploy their skills by working on individual aspects of the project, ultimately combining them to the finished product we see. All going well, we would love to collaborate again on future projects, as we know that the high standards of work is a key attribute of each member”.
Aidan Carroll
Quality Service Manager | SCRI-IS Technologies