Gary Smith

Senior Researcher

Gary Smith is a senior software engineer at the Nimbus research with a keen interest in the internet of things (IoT), device communication and data collection. Graduating with a certificate of excellence for best academic performance, he completed a first class B.Sc honours degree in Web Systems Development from the Computer Science department in University College Cork (UCC) in 2012. As an undergrad, he was awarded the UCC scholarship for outstanding academic performance.

Within Nimbus, he acts as an applications software engineer for a myriad of domains, performing full stack development in web, mobile, tablet and micro-controller applications. He has experience, applying a broad range of low-to-high level languages and frameworks in real world industrial applications. He has a background in ingesting data flows from heterogenous systems and integrating same with micro-services and RESTful API’s.

P. Q. An, C. O’Leary, G. Smith, M. Caballero, C. Lynch, “Evaluation of Perceptron Learning Algorithm for Day-Ahead Photovoltaic Power Forecasting”, 2023, International Symposium on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ISEE), Vietnam, 19-20 Oct.

M. Caballero, G. Smith and C. Lynch, “Renew(able) or Die? An Optimised Approach to Minimise Cost in Upgrading an Outmoded Solar Energy System”, 2023, Embedded World Exhibition and Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, 14-16 March
C. O’Leary, C. Lynch, R. Bain, G. Smith, D. Grimes, “A Comparison of Deep Learning vs Traditional Machine Learning for Electricity Price Forecasting”, ICICT 2021, 4th International Conference on Information and Computer Technologies, Kahului, Maui Island, Hawaii, United States, 11-14 March 2021. DOI: 10.1109/ICICT52872.2021.00009 – Awarded Best Conference Presentation Certificate
C. Lynch, C. O’Leary, G. Smith, R. Bain, J. Kehoe, A. Vakaloudis, R. Linger, “A review of open-source machine learning algorithms for twitter text sentiment analysis and image classification”, WCCI 2020, IEEE World Conference on Computational Intelligence, Glasgow, Scotland, 19-24th July 2020.

C. Lynch, J. Kehoe, R. Bain, F. Zhang, J. Flynn, C. O’Leary, G. Smith, R. Linger, K. Fitzgibbon and F. Feijoo, “SVM-Based Day-Ahead Electricity Price Prediction Model for the Single Electricity Market in Ireland”, ISF 2019, 39th International Symposium on Forecasting, Thessaloniki, Greece, 16 -19th Jun. 2019.

SERTS – Sentiment Analysis Evaluation of Real-Time Speech

Analog Devices International – AI solution to detect and segment wafer map anomalies 

O-PENS – Optimise Predict Energy System – microgrid optimisation project 

BOSCo – Battery Optimisation System & Control

STEP4 – Short Term Electricity Price Forecaster

Predictive Control Systems (PCS) – Energy system modelling and optimisation

PredictView (formerly Fastmodel Technologies) – Twitter Sentiment Analysis Project

SteriTrack – Development of a direct part marking (DPM) scanner for the healthcare sector